Genomics Programs

Genomics Programs

Thanks to the DNA test, we can figure out what you need.

Improve your performance with targeted therapies, including preventive and optimization purposes. No one solution is the same. We are looking for the one that suits you best. We eat according to who we are:

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Our molecular tests are very different from conventional biochemical tests performed to diagnose disease. They are an important tool for detecting the high risks hidden in genes, associated in particular with the emergence of multifactorial diseases.

Based on the importance of these risks, we suggest the appropriate diet, environmental interventions and lifestyle choices prevent these diseases. DNA testing provides a basis for ensuring good long-term health.

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Take care of your health

Get to know yourself and to heal yourself with pleasure and love, using natural and non-invasive methods

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At GENOMIC SPACE, you will find

Professional treatments dosed according to the needs of your body and which adhere to protocols.


Des traitements professionnels dosés selon les besoins de votre organisme et qui adhèrent aux protocoles.

The support of our team of doctors to apply the treatment at home and obtain lasting results.


Le support de notre équipe de médecins pour appliquer le traitement chez soi et obtenir des résultats durables.


Updates, information and ongoing training through our website and newsletters. [/ mpc_icon_column]
Access to periodic conferences, held by our International Scientific Committee.


L’accès à des conférences périodiques, tenues par notre Comité Scientifique International.

Our procedure …


1. Give all the information necessary to perform a genetic test. Personalized advice.
2. Sending the kit only on request. [/ Mpc_icon_column]


1. Fill out our questionnaire.
2. Informed consent.
3. Perform the saliva test. [/ Mpc_icon_column]


1. Sent to the Analysis Laboratory.
2. Analysis of YOUR DNA TEST.
3. Writing of your targeted and personalized report. [/ Mpc_icon_column]


1. Explanation of your report on request.
2. Sending your report using your secure private code.
3. Follow-up on request. [/ Mpc_icon_column]


Des résultats naturels

Des traitements non invasifs

Une approche scientifique d’avant-garde alliant une intégration nutritionnelle, une consultation professionnelle, l’application de biotechnologies de pointe et des SAVOIR-FAIRE

Des produits et des protocoles préparés sur mesure pour vous, sur la base de votre test génétique

Des résultats scientifiquement prouvés

Une recherche scientifique permanente

GENOMIC SPACE has leading Alliances

Collaboration with International Scientific Societies and Laboratories guarantees us access to the most recent knowledge of advanced non-invasive surgical techniques and new non-surgical regenerative therapies.

Our Scientific Committee

Our Scientific and Cultural Committee is made up of Doctors and Professionals specializing in Anti-Aging Medicine and Nutrigenomics from around the world.

The medical protocols that we support are internationally recognized and consolidated by an exclusive background combining experience and biotechnology, to offer the client safe and guaranteed treatments.

Our mission: To ensure a reliable result, to make it safe, reproducible, sensitive and precise.

With Genomic Space, a complete action plan thanks to our report. Plus, written by experts in genetics, biology, nutrigenomics, epigenetics, biochemistry and anti-ageing.
Our reports are in French, English, Italian, German.


The doctor specializing in genetics will be at your disposal to answer questions by skype or email on the report that you will also receive online (by your secure private code).

(All recommendations and directives of Swiss Federal law and European Commission to protect data are applied).

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