Êtes-vous un terreau pour le cancer et les tumeurs?

Êtes-vous un terreau pour le cancer et les tumeurs?

    The link between nutrition and cancer. Practical advice.

    The bodies of many of us are proving, without our knowledge, a breeding ground for the development of terrible diseases like cancer and tumor. Is this also your case? To understand it, just check if you have some of the risk factors …

    General guidelines for staying healthy and promoting the healing process, created by an oncologist with 40 years of experience.


    Dr C. Pagliara, oncologist, tells us his little story to make us understand something important:

    When I was little, my father often took me with him to pick mushrooms.
    We went to the” patches “of Puglia, a small area just steps from the Adriatic Sea, famous for its particularly tasty mushrooms.
    Each times we liked to have a little race.
    At the end of the day those who had harvested more mushrooms would have won a small prize.
    I was a tough and energetic kid.
    I jumped here and there … I was running everywhere looking for mushrooms
    Every time I gave my maximum to win
    And yet …
    … I always lost.

    Every time my dad, who seemed to commit less than half of what I did, picked up more mushrooms.
    I never managed to beat him … and when I never say, I never mean.
    Despite my commitment.
    Although I had a lot more energy …

    So one day, tired of this situation and with self-esteem under my feet, I took heart and asked him:

    “Dad, how can you still win? Isn’t that cheating?
    He looked at me seriously and replied:

    “Don’t cheat on my son. I’ll tell you a little secret … The trick is to remember where you found so many mushrooms the previous year. Because in this place you will find the natural habitat for the mushroom growth. And if you found a lot last year, you will find a lot more this year. “

    Fairly logical don’t you think?

    This story always made me think a lot …
    Because it makes us understand something very important:
    If I take care of a disease but the causes remain, like fungi, it will recur.
    I’ll give you an example:
    If a really good surgeon succeeds in completely removing a tumor from the breast,
    succeeds in removing everything, but everything …
    but the causes that led this woman to have cancer continue …
    If the habitat that favored the development of this tumor persists …
    What is happening?
    That maybe in a year, three years, ten years …
    The tumor can reappear.
    Because the conditions favorable to its development are still there.
    Because its natural habitat is still there.
    The favorable conditions which allowed it to develop have not been removed. They are still there.


    Focusing only on the effects and not on the causes is like trying to “drive out the winter” by sweeping the snow out of the door. You will not be able to chase away the disease.
    Now that you know you can decide to keep sweeping the snow on your doorstep, continuing to ignore the causes.
    Or, with a frankly ridiculous investment in the impact you can have on your health and that of your loved ones, you can figure out how to eliminate the habitat that is conducive to disease development  .

    “Learn to act on the cause, don’t try to cure the effect”.

    Book your Nutrigenomics Check-Up to receive a targeted and precise action plan based on the results of your test. 

    A personalized report written by experts in genetics, nutrigenomics and anti-aging medicine .

    Today we saw how curing the effects ignoring the causes is a losing strategy if you really want to prevent tumor growth, promote the natural healing process, and in general live longer, healthier lives.
    In the next few days, I will show you how you can use your mind as a preventive and supportive tool for self-healing.

    A hug,
    Dr. Claude Pagliara, oncologist with 40 years of experience

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